Remote Monitoring Technology of Alio Receives First FDA 510(K) Clearance


The company ‘Alio Inc.’, announced that, it has received the FDA 510(K) clearance for the company’s remote monitoring system, which is intended for use by the healthcare professionals for intermittently collecting the physiological data in the home use settings. The collected physiological data is also including the auscultation sound data, skin temperature and also the heart rate.

The company is responsible for providing the real-time, 24/7 and non-invasive remote patient monitoring, and by sharing the clinical data, the company is making it possible for the care givers and clinicians for the purpose of enabling better patient care, and the Alio SmartPatch can potentially serve as a remote patient monitoring system for a number of different conditions.

Richard Neville, MD, chairman of the Department of Surgery at Inova said that, the remote patient monitoring has been a new concept in the patient care but the advancements in the technology, which has been deployed has been lagged behind.

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Richard Neville also said, the patients should possibly be able for benefiting from the latest innovations technology has to offer, and the clearance of the company has been a step in the right direction in the terms of ushering in a new era of the remote patient monitoring.

This has been the first of the several intended submissions for the company, and currently, the company is undergoing the clinical investigations for accessing the additional indications for use in the remote patient monitoring of the electrolytes.