Redox Announces New Connector to Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare in US


The company Redox has announced a new connector to the Microsoft Cloud for the healthcare that will be responsible for enabling the frictionless interoperability between the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare along and more than 85 HER vendors in the United States. The new connector of Redox has been available through the Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource.

The Microsoft Cloud for the healthcare has been a cloud platform that has been responsible for enabling the providers, payers and life sciences for enhancing the clinical and operational insights, along with delivering high quality patient experiences, and also increasing the end-to-end security and compliance.

The company Redox, who is familiar with all the EHR vendors and the legacy data formats, that has been providing an interoperability layer for the customers of Microsoft Azure for the purpose of quickly converting the legacy data into the standard of FHIR R4 and also enabling the real time connectivity.

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The new connector to the Microsoft Cloud for healthcare has been responsible for leveraging the interoperability managed services of Redox, which has been used by the thousands of healthcare delivery organizations along with hundreds of the technology vendors.

Devin Soelberg, vice president of Business Development and Strategic Partners at Redox said, they are closely observing a cloud revolution in the life sciences and healthcare, and Microsoft Cloud for healthcare has been offering the value for the purpose of providing the organization, payers and digital health developers and that value has been further multiplied by the real-time and frictionless interoperability with the HER vendors.