Qure.ai Raised $40-Million Funding to Expand in Europe and US


Qure.ai, a healthcare startup company, which uses artificial intelligent (AI) for the medical image diagnostics has now raised 40 million dollars in a round of funding led by the HealthQuad and Novo Holdings. The company ‘Qure.ai’ is going to be using this latest funding for further strengthening the presence of the company across the globe especially in Europe and the United States of America.

Qure.ai is also wanting for further intensifying the product development for the community diagnostics and critical care. The company ‘Qure.ai’, which was founded by Prashant Warrier and Dr. Pooja Rao in 2016, has successfully developed a technology that reads X-rays of the patients and other scans for the purpose of detecting the brain trauma and also diagnosing the chest diseases.

The company has also implemented the same technology for the purpose of detecting the novel corona virus. Qure.ai believes that, the automated medical imaging tools of the company can possibly decrease the time for diagnosing along with enabling the physicians for managing the medical cases more effectively.

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Prashant Warrier, chief executive officer of Qure.ai said, every year their technology is helping more than four million people across the 50 countries and the main goal of the company is to continue being bullish in the expansion of their market specifically in Europe and the United States.

He also said, they are also committed for aiding the healthcare professionals in diagnosing the disease faster and with more accuracy and proper details along with automating most of the routine work of the healthcare professionals.