Puma Opens New Headquarters in North America


The company ‘Puma’ has now opened new headquarters in the region of North America, and these headquarters of the company has been located at Assembly Row based in Somerville, and it is consuming 150,000 square feet of the office space, and with this new move, the company ‘Puma’ said, it is going to be bringing together its 450 employees from the company’s two for offices based in Westford and Boston.

The highlight of the headquarters had been designed by Gensler, an architecture company and it has been constructed by the company known as Timeberline Construction, and the office is also featuring a fitness center, along with a room for the children of the employees visiting the office, a 2,300 square feet balcony and bike storage. The company also said that, the office has been close to the dining, health and wellness and shopping scene of the Assembly Row.

Bob Philion, president of Puma North America said, for the purpose of supporting the continued growth of Puma, which has been fuelled in large part by the market of North America, they have been focused on creating a space that is going to be reflecting their mentality of being Forever Faster. He also said, they have put innovation and creativity at first, along with bringing together their entire team of North America for collaborating and propelling their brand forward. Bob Philion added, he has been thrilled to celebrate this exciting and upcoming chapter of the history of Puma as one collective team.

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