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Protect Your Cell Phone and Data While Travelling


Losing your Cell Phone, in today’s world, especially while traveling is just like living on an abandoned island. From finding locations to ordering food, clicking pictures, you just require your cell phone. What if your phone gets stolen, lost or breaks while you are traveling?

A cell phone expert for Asurion, an insurance provider for cell phones, Brandon Bogle adviced to turn on ‘Find My Phone Feature’ on your device. “Many people assume this is automatically activated with every phone. But it needs to be manually turned on.” In case of iPhone users, go to Settings, tap on your name at the top of the Settings list, tap on iCloud and then look for Find My iPhone for reassuring if it’s on or not.

If unfortunately, you lose your phone, the first thing you need to do is to contact your respective insurance carrier who will suspend your services immediately and will prevent anyone to misuse your phone’s data. And you will also receive your phone’s replacement when you file a claim.

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Use a fine screen protector for safeguarding your phone’s screen, it may be expensive but is worth to invest as you can prevent a lot of cracks and external damage that will make your phone inoperable by having a sturdy case and cover.

You should, if possible, set your alternate phone number or email address as your lock screen photo, so that the person who finds it might know how to contact you. Some of the devices let you set emergency contact information via device settings and would be displayed on your lock screen.