Prices of Staples Such as Tea and Pasta Increased in the United Kingdom


According to reports and figures, the prices of staples such as tea, chips, and pasta have been increased in the United Kingdom in the past year, with the price of cooking oil increasing by 65 percent.

According to the data from ONS (Office for National Statistics), the overall price of budget food products in supermarkets has increased by 17 percent. The reports also highlight how poor families in the United Kingdom are bearing the effects of the cost-of-living crisis, with the prices of some budget grocery products increasing far ahead of the official inflation rate of10.1 percent.

In United Kingdom, the prices of pasta, chips and tea increased by 65%, 39%, and 65% respectively. There were large price increases for other products every day, including bread, milk, and biscuits.

The data also showed that the prices of some products such as beef mince and orange juice dropped over the previous year, while the prices of products such as pizza and yoghurt have remained stable. According to ONS, the increase in prices for the low-cost grocery products were similar to the 15 percent increase in the official inflation measure for foods and drinks.

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