PQE Group Established Internal Department Volunteering and charitable Governance Projects


For more than 4 years, the POE Group has been involved in spreading the company’s culture of the social responsibility all across the world, along with realizing the amazing projects where the employees have been directly involved.

Because of this reason, the management of the company has decided for founding an internal corporate social responsibility (CSR) committee, which should possibly provide the guidance on all the charitable and the volunteering activities, along with monitoring the compliance with the internal policy along with the commitments and also the applicable CSR provisions.

The committee of composed of the CSR board along with an operative team, and the employees from the different PQE Group offices which, through the collaboration with the local associations, which has been carrying out the projects for the purpose of achieving the ESG objectives, which the company has set including sanitation, clean water, gender equality, reduced inequalities, and health and well-being.

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At the end of every financial year, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee has been in charge of drafting an Annual Action Plan on all the activities and these cost proposals is going to be included in the Budget process, and the CSR Board of the company is also going to be approving the Annual Action Plan together with the approval of the budget.

This operation is also having a dual purpose for indirectly or directly getting involved in the programs that will be benefiting the communities in the company.