Powerbridge Technologies to Expand Operations of Cryptocurrency Mining in North America


Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd., a Vlockchain applications and SaaS solutions providing company announced that, the company’s fully owned subsidiary known as Powercrypto Holdings has been planning to expand the business of cryptomining in the region of North America.

The Powercrypto Holdings has been working with the company’s local partner in the bidding for a facility in the region of Canada along with the capacity for hosting around 20,000 ETH and BTC mining rigs that have been powered by a green and sustainable supply of the energy. The government of Canada has now been very supportive to the industry of cryptocurrency that has been providing the incentives to the Powercrypto Holdings for the purpose of setting up to the fleets of cryptomining.

The company ‘Powercrypto’ has also been actively seeking environment friendly and more efficient sites of mining in the region of North America and Asia for the operations of the cryptomining of the company.

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Stewart Lor, president of the Powerbridge Technologies said that, this decision is going to be an important milestone for their efforts in further strengthening the crypto business of the company, and they are very thrilled for being positioned in the country of Canada as they believe that, the supply of green energy and infrastructure have been ideal for them for managing the ETH and BTH operation of mining efficiently.