Poland And Bulgaria To Face Gas Cuts By Russia


Russia is going to stop supplying gas to Bulgaria and Poland, as said by the two members of the European Union, and an escalation in the deepening rift between the western countries and Russia over the Ukraine as the tensions are also surging in the neighbouring country of Moldova.

Ukraine has accused Russia of blackmailing Europe and also of trying to drag the country of Moldova into the conflict after the authorities in the region of Transdniestria backed by Russia said that, they had also been targeted by a series of the attacks.

Poland has been among the European countries that has been seeking the toughest and possible sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine and the company ‘PGNiG’, owned by Poland said, the supplies from the energy company ‘Gazprom’ through Ukraine and Belarus is going to be cutting at 0800CET but, Poland said that, it does not need for drawing on the reserves and the gas storage of the company had been full by 76 percent.

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Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, has called on the non-supporting countries for the purpose of paying for the gas imports in the roubles, which has been a move only a few purchasers have been implemented so far.

Gazprom said that, it has not yet suspended the supplies to Poland but that, Poland had to pay for the gas in the line with the new order of the payments and it has also declined for making any comment regarding Bulgaria.