Plan to Remove Harmful Content Online Axed from Online Safety Bill


The Online Safety Bill has dropped its plan to require large technology companies to remove harmful content from their platforms. The critics of the bill’s section claimed that it endangered free speech.

The culture secretary, Michelle Donelan, denied weakening the laws that protect adults who use social media. They would have more control over what they had seen, Michelle Donelan added.The UK’s Online Safety Bill, which aims to regulate the internet, is expected to become law next summer.

The United Kingdom’s government contends that the modifications do not compromise child safety measures. Tech companies will still have to make sure that children don’t see content that might hurt them. There are a number of social media platforms with age restrictions and parental controls.

According to Michelle Donelan, parents’ statements might be misunderstood. According to the culture secretary, nothing is being diluted, but children were left out.

Donelan claims that they are adding more so that children are not affected. She also claims that the Online Safety Bill is very complicated and has a lot of parts. However, she does not want any of their listeners to believe that they are removing anything regarding children because they are not.

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In the past, a section of the bill required the largest and most risky platforms to deal with legal but harmful content that is accessed by adults.