Phonebox Announced its Brand Expansion to the USA


PhoneBox, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) based in Vancouver, has announced their entry into the retail wireless market in the United States. The PhoneBox brand in the United States debuted on April 3, 2023, and it is providing its American customers with compelling plans that are suitable for all budgets.

The company is offering four prepaid plans, each with a different data package and price and a 30-day term fee. The starting plan is the 3GB/$25 plan, and depending on the data package, the mid-tier plans range from $35 to $45 each. Additionally, PhoneBox is offering a $55 unlimited data plan. Since all plans cover the 5G network, they’re faster and more reliable than ever.

Additionally, the plans provide unlimited texting and calling across the United States. Customers will have the option of receiving an eSIM or having their SIM card shipped to them for free. PhoneBox will not need contracts, credit checks, or any drawn out responsibilities.

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The services offered by PhoneBox are geared toward visitors to the United States as well as international students. In the future, additional market segments may be targeted. The company aims to provide American customers with more options and dependability.

Customers are the most important to PhoneBox. According to Jonas Kahon, Director of Partnerships at PhoneBox, their goal is to be intuitive, to listen to their customers, and to provide mobile phone service that will make life easier and the arrival in a new country as stress-free as possible.

It is the company’s goal to become a global brand. As they keep on developing, they comprehend that their accomplices have been sitting tight for them to carry their support of the US market. Entering the US is the consequence of a nearby obligation of imparted values to our accomplices, creative vision among their group, and obligation to settling neglected market needs.