Phoenix Healthcare Group to Launch Innovative Cancer Screening Service in UK


The Phoenix Healthcare Group, which is one of the private healthcare providers of the United Kingdom along with the hospitals located in the Harley Street Medical Area (HSMA), that has been launched by a new full-body cancer screening imaging service for providing help in detecting the cancer in the early stages of the disease.

The advanced cancer screening of the Phoenix Healthcare Group is mainly using a new method of the MRI scanning process, which is known as the Whole Body-Diffusion Weighted Imaging (WB-DWI), that has been a non-invasive technique, which has been developed from tears of conducting the clinical research along with the aim of diagnosing the cancer disease early in the healthy people.

The scan of the Phoenix Healthcare Group, that normally takes 45 minutes, has been designed for the purpose of delivering a new era of the cancer screening, that will be making it possible for diagnosing the asymptomatic tumours, which mainly includes those tumours, which are not the usual target of the conventional screening programmes and therefore providing help in tackling the challenge.

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Professor Anwar Padhani of the Phoenix Healthcare Group said, they are very delighted for introducing their new Advanced Cancer Screening, that is focusing on the detection of the asymptomatic tumours in the clients as fast as possible, that as they all know has been so important, when it comes for giving the diagnosed patients the best chance that they can have for treatment of cancer successfully.

He also said, they also know that, the early diagnosis of cancer will be the key for fighting this challenge, and they are also pleased for offering the clients in a new way to access this method.