Philips to Launch New MR Portfolio of Smart Diagnostic Systems Enabled by AI


The company ‘Royal Philips’ has announced the new MR imaging enabled by the Artificial Intelligence innovations that are going to launch at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting, and the new MR Portfolio of the company of the intelligent integrated solutions has been designed for speeding up the exams of MR, along with the streamline workflows, optimizing the diagnostic quality and also helping them to ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the operations of radiology.

The MR imaging system is playing an increasing role in the precision diagnosis, along with the departments of radiology for facing the multiple challenges such as the demands of the workload because of the backlog of the cases that has been resulting from the novel corona virus pandemic, which has been a rising population of the patients that were clinically challenged.

A worldwide shortage of the skilled technicians, and as a result, there has been a clear need for the systems of smart diagnostic, along with the optimized workflows and the integrated clinical solutions that has been decreased to the time-to-diagnosis, along with improving the patient and decreasing the need for the rescanning along with enhancing the patient and experience of the staff.

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Arjen Radder, general manager of MR at Philips said, they are now focusing on introducing the scalable high performance MR systems to the imaging enterprise, along with the intelligent software, which has been built in for automating the tasks for providing help in relieving the burden on the departments and staff of radiology.