Philip Morris International to Stop Selling Cigarettes in United Kingdom


Philip Morris International, a tobacco group said, it has now been planning to stop the sales of its cigarettes across the United Kingdom with the time span of 10 years, and with the help of this move, the company can possibly bring an end to the Marlboro brand, which is a flagship of the company.

The report has come two years after the government of United Kingdom said, it wants to put an end on smoking in the United Kingdom by 2030, and Jacek Olczak, CEO of Philip Morris said, he seriously wants to allow the company to leave smoking behind and he also said, he thinks that after 10 years from now in the United Kingdom, they can be able solve the problem of smoking completely.

The campaign groups of the United Kingdom have also highlighted that, the company Philip Morris International has issued some similar statements in the past for a very small part to be changed, and the Andre Calantzopoulos, former chief executive of the company said that, he has been hoping that, the company can possibly stop selling the cigarettes entirely in the United Kingdom.

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The campaign groups of the United Kingdom are also arguing that, the tobacco manufacturing companies like Philip Morris International, that generally have a very long history of refusing the health risks associated with smoking, are now advocating themselves as a part of the transition to a world free of smoke as several companies are still continuing to promote and sell the cigarettes across the world.