Pfizer to Supply Additional 10 Million Courses of Covid-19 Pills to US


On Tuesday, 4th January 2021, the government of the United States and Pfizer said that, the administration of Joe Biden has doubled the order for the oral corona virus antiviral treatment of Pfizer Inc., along with providing the government of the country, which has been a total of 20 million courses as it has been fighting a record increase in the novel corona virus cases.

The government of the United States is now expecting some 4 million treatment courses of the corona virus pills for being available by the end of the month of January 2022 and 10 million courses of the pill by the month of June 2022, which has been three months sooner than it had been planned previously.

The official of the US government said that, they are now getting them as soon as the covid-19 pills come off the line, and the related details of the expanded deal had not been disclosed by the company.

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The government of the United States said that, for the first order of the 10 million courses of the covid-19 pills made in the month of November 2021, it is going to be paying 5.29 billion dollars to Pfizer.

The government of the United States also said that, these covid-19 pills are going to be delivered in the upcoming months and have also been successful in showing dramatic decrease in the number of hospitalizations and death related to the novel corona virus.