Pfizer Says its Covid-19 Pill Reduces Risk by 89%


The pharmaceutical company ‘Pfizer’ said, its novel corona virus pill has been successful in decreasing the risk of the hospitalization and death by 89 percent, which has been found in a clinical trial, which has tested the drug in the adult population along with the disease who had also been in the health groups of high risk.

This medicine or pill from Pfizer is known as Paxlovid, that is mostly similar to the new pill that is developed by Merck that had been approved in the United kingdom, and the company ‘Pfizer’ said that, the drug has also been able to give better results when the medicine had been administered between five days of the first appeared symptoms of the novel corona virus.

Based on the results of the clinical trials of the pill, the company said, it is going to stop enrolling the people into more clinical trials for the pill and instead of that, the company is also going to send the results to the FDA of the United States for purpose of seeking the emergency use authorization.

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Albert Bourla, chairman and CEO of Pfizer said, these data has also been suggesting that, their oral antiviral candidate, if it is authorized by the regulatory authorities of the United States, is having the potential for saving the lives of the patients, along with decreasing the severity of the novel corona virus infections, and also eliminating around nine hospitalizations out of ten hospitalizations.

Both the antiviral pills from Merck and Pfizer are responsible for attacking the corona virus by interfering the ability of the virus to replicate itself.