Persistent Systems and Microsoft Partner to Accelerate Growth


Microsoft and the global digital engineering company Persistent Systems have partnered to boost growth of Persistent Systems and improve the working environment for its employees globally. Persistent Systems will leverage Microsoft’s cutting-edge technologies to accelerate the company’s next phase of growth and strengthen its ITES 360 partnership.

The partnership stipulates that the Persistent Systems will utilize the platform’s advanced analytics and use the Microsoft Viva platform to enhance the employee experience. According to Persistent Systems, the employees are very important to provide best-in-class services and are the company’s most valuable asset.

Microsoft’s foundation will give bits of knowledge, with the assistance of important authoritative measurements, giving representatives the instruments need by the company for pushing ahead.

Persistent Systems will use Microsoft Azure cloud data lake offerings that lead the market to build a company-wide modern data fabric. This will help machine learning-based operational dashboards visualize and optimize business outcomes and drive reliability and speed across its business functions.

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The release continued with the statement, Persistent continues to co-innovate with Microsoft to help its enterprise clients modernize and optimize their technology investments with the cloud.

Persistent is continuing to make strategic investments to ensure that we are set up as a truly global, agile organization as we grow, said Sandeep Kalra, CEO and ED of Persistent Systems. Sandeep Kalra also said that, their long-standing, 360-degree partnership with Microsoft has enabled them to develop competencies and innovative solutions to serve the technology needs of their clients and expand their footprint as industry leaders.