Panasonic Plans to Build Second Battery Factory in the US


Panasonic announced it is planning to build another battery cell factory worth 4-billion dollars in Kansas, US to supply batteries to Tesla. But according to the report, Panasonic is considering approving another large-scale US battery cell factory simultaneously.

Panasonic is planning to produce new 4680 cells for Tesla at the new Kansas battery plant. According to reports, the plan of Panasonic for a battery cell factory in the region of Oklahoma is not ended because the company is moving ahead with the region of Kansas.

Simultaneously, the company is actually considering building a new plant in the region of Oklahoma. This new battery plant will come in addition to around 4 billion EV battery factory, which the Japanese company said in July 2022. People familiar with the matter have described these plants as twins with similar capacity.

This will be a big investment for Panasonic, and it will not actually be out of the norm. SK Innovation and LG Energy, have both announced plans for multiple battery cell factories in the United States in partnership with Ford and General Motors respectively.

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Panasonic mainly supplies cells to many electric automobile companies, but is very close to Tesla, which has made it clearer that it will purchase every viable battery cell, that it can get its hands on for the future.