Oracle to Use Artificial Intelligence to Automate Parts of Digital Marketing


On Monday, 20th September 2021, the Oracle Corp. announced a new system that the company says is going to be using the artificial intelligence technology for the purpose of automating the key parts of the digital marketing campaigns.

The company, which had been primarily known as the database software company, has now been competing against several companies like Inc and Adobe Inc for the purpose of selling the cloud-based software, which is used for the purpose of marketing the business-to-business products, which typically costs more than thousands of dollars.

Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president of Oracle said, a lost of the new software has been much more measurable than it has been in the past and this has been a big problem of computer science and they are going to solve it.

The product announced by the company ‘Oracle’ on 20th September 2021 announced is called as the ‘Fusion Marketing System’, and this software has been using the artificial intelligence technology for the purpose of automatically assembling the marketing campaigns along with determining whether the people, who are interacting by using the advertisements and emails have been eventually buying a product, which will be sending their contact information to the sales teams.

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For doing this, the system collects the data from a variety of the sources, and some of the data such as email contact lists, are going to be coming from the customers of the company Oracle, who are using the system, and some of the data is going to be coming from the large market places of the third-part data, which the company has acquired in recent years for the purpose of increasing the digital advertising business.