OnePlus and Oppo Phones Sales Banned in Germany


Oppo and OnePlus smart phones have been banned from sale in Germany because of an ongoing patent lawsuit from Nokia. The telecommunications giant of Finland has won a court case against OnePlus and Oppo in July 2022, which concluded that the two smart phone companies of China were not paying Nokia its due for the 5G patents in Germany.

Oppo is now complying with the court order to stop all smartphone sales in the country, and head on over to the Oppo Germany website, and it also feels like a placeholder, with no handsets to navigate through, which is a shame because OnePlus has found X5 Pro.

The OnePlus Germany webpage does not appear to be acknowledging the ruling in such an up-front manner, and all seems well, with all the phones listed, until the people realise that there is no means to actually purchase a handset. The OnePlus Germany Store page has been simply populated by the accessories of the brand.

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As the dispute has been fought in Germany, it can very well set a precedent for the rest of Europe to follow ban smartphones of OnePlus and Oppo from sale. With Europe being one of the largest smartphone markets in the world, and this can prove largely problematic for the two brands.