Officials, US Report first Monkeypox Death in Los Angeles County


Local health officials announced, the United States has reported its first confirmed and known death from the monkeypox disease. The health officials informed us that a resident of Los Angeles County with a compromised immune system succumbed to the monkeypox virus.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said the death was confirmed by a report, and the patient was severely immune compromised and had been hospitalized. The health officials also stated that they worked with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that tracks monkeypox cases, and has not confirmed any monkeypox-related deaths in this case.

Monkeypox disease is spread through close skin-to-skin contact, and prolonged exposure to respiratory droplets. The disease can cause a fever, rash, chills, and body aches. Very few people require hospitalizations, and only a handful of deaths are linked directly to the disease worldwide.

The US CDC has recommended the monkeypox vaccine for the people who are in close contact with someone infected by the disease. The monkeypox vaccine is also advised for healthcare workers at high risk of exposure.

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According to the US CDC, the United States has had 21,985 confirmed monkeypox cases till now. California has also recorded the most monkeypox cases nationally, with over 4,300 monkeypox cases.