Official Data: Covid-19 Cases in UK Increased by 52% in a Week


On Sunday, 19th December 2021, has recorded 82,886 new corona virus cases and 45 deaths related to the virus within 28 days of a positive corona virus test, as per the statistics from the government of the United Kingdom, and the novel corona virus cases in the country have been increased by 51.9 percent in the week to 19th December 2021 as compared with the previous week.

Chris Whitty, chief medical officer of the United Kingdom, the increase in the novel corona virus cases had been increasing the pressure on a health service, which has been struggling with the sickness of the staff, and the new Omicron covid-19 variant has been so transmissible that if it is proving to be milder than other variants of the covid-19, and it can still cause and increase in the admissions of the hospitals.

Chris Whitty also said, it is going to be very concentrated for a period of short time even if the disease is milder, and the people can possibly end up with a higher number than that are admitting in the hospital every day.

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Although, he also said that, the novel corona virus vaccinations can possibly decrease the numbers admitted to the intensive care and also shortening the time spent in the hospital, and the United Kingdom has also been betting that, the novel corona virus vaccine boosters is going to be preventing the serious illness from the Omicron covid-19 variant.