OFF Global Gets Brand Licensing Agreement To Launch Laptops Of Nokia Brand


OFF Global, a start-up company in France announced a licensing agreement with the company ‘Nokia’ for the purpose of design and sale of the laptops, and the company ‘Off Global’ has been holding an international exclusive license for the purpose of creating the laptops of the brand Nokia.

OFF Global is also going to reveal the Nokia PureBook Pro, which is the first laptop in the range of Nokia PureBook, and the laptop has been designed and developed under the brand name of Nokia.

The Nokia PureBook Pro has been a computer suited for both professional and personal users that are looking for a device that is easy to use and no compromise on the price or performance, and it comes with a sleek design along with 12th generation Intel i3 processor and full HD screen.

The Nokia PureBook Pro has been a versatile laptop that is seamlessly blending the needs for work, entertainment and life along with a fluid and simple user experience that is going to be available at a price starting from 780 dollars.

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