Nvidia Launches $100 Million Supercomputer for Healthcare Research in UK


The company Nvidia is going to launch the 100-million-dollar Cambridge-1, which is the most powerful supercomputer in the United Kingdom, and the company has also been making it available for the external researchers, that are working in the healthcare industry of United Kingdom.

The supercomputer is going to be used for the research of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare industry and it has also been one of the fastest super computers ever built in the world, and the company Nvidia is also going to be making it available for the purpose of accelerating the research in the fields of genomics, digital biology and quantum computing.

The company ‘Nvidia’ has now been collaborating with the pharmaceutical company ‘AstraZeneca’, producer of one of the novel corona virus vaccines for the purpose of speeding up the discoveries of drug along with creating a generative model of artificial intelligence based on the transformer for the chemical structure of the drugs.

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The transformer-based neural architectures, that have been available only in the past several years, which is responsible in allowing the researchers for leveraging the large datasets, which are using the self-supervised training methods, which had been avoiding the need for all of the manually labelled examples during the process of pre-training.

Kimberly Powell, vice president of healthcare at Nvidia said, GSK, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) and King’s college of London have been using the supercomputer for the purpose of developing a deeper understanding of the disease related to brain including Dementia, and by using the Artificial Intelligence for designing the new drugs, and also improving the accuracy of identifying the variations causing disease in the human genomes.