NOVO Holdings Invests in Healthcare IT Company ‘Availity’ of US


NOVO Holdings, an investor in the healthcare and life sciences, has announced a strategic investment in Availity, which is one of the largest healthcare data and administrative networks connecting the providers and payers throughout the United States of America.

The company ‘Availity’ has been a leader in the collaboration of the payer and provider, and through the digital provider engagement of the company, along with the company’s clearinghouse and revenue cycle technology solutions, and the company Availity has also been providing a critical infrastructure, which is responsible for connecting the physicians and hospitals along with the health plans as well as removing the administrative cost and burden from the healthcare system.

The service offerings of the company is going to be allowing the healthcare professionals for better managing the clinical data, financial data, and administrative data, which was needed for completing the needs of the real-time co-ordination among the providers, along with their patients and health plans and also increasing the efficiency in the delivery of healthcare.

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Russ Thomas, CEO of Availity said, they have been very delighted for welcoming the company ‘Novo Holdings’ as their newest partner, and the company Novo Holdings is going to bring the exciting and new perspective to their organisation.

Russ Thomas also said, their deep experience in the commitment and healthcare across the globe for the purpose of building a stronger and more sustainable healthcare system, that will be helping Availity for taking the collaboration of payer and provider, along with all the tangible benefits of that type of collaboration for the next level.