NHS Shares Warning Signs of Victorian Disease on the Rise in UK


A severe Victorian disease has returned to the United Kingdom, with the NHS warning of a sudden increase in admissions of patients. Gout affects across 1.5 million people in the country and is a type of arthritis that causes extreme joint pain.

The cases are increased by 20 percent and around 250,000 people have been admitted to the hospital with gout disease from 2021 and 2022. NHS said that the people of the United Kingdom were warned that cases of Victorian illness had hit a five-year high.

According to NHS figures, patients in England were diagnosed with one of the 13 Victorian diseases when they were admitted to hospital on 412,370 occasions in the year to March 2022. These figures also include all people admitted to the hospital with illnesses, including tuberculosis, malnutrition, gout, measles, typhoid, whooping cough, scurvy, diphtheria, rickets, mumps, scarlet fever, vitamin D deficiency, and cholera.

The number of Victorian disease cases increased by 25 percent from 338,216 admissions in hospitals in 2020/2021, after dipping during the COVID-19 pandemic when it had been rising year-on-year. NHS guidance states that an attack of gout usually lasts between five to seven days before it gets better.

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