NHS Says, UK To Resume Two Covid-19 Rules To Avoid Brutal Easter


The bosses of the UK NHS has warned the government of the United Kingdom that, it needs to bring back the two measures of the novel corona virus for avoiding a brutal or bad Easter.

The NHS Confederation has also urged the ministers for resuming its public information campaign on the novel corona virus, which is also including a renewed focus on wearing masks and also limiting the indoor mixing. The membership body, which has been representing several healthcare organizations has warned that, the very high rates of the novel corona virus infections are having a large impact on the healthcare services, which has been facing pressures as they would possibly be in a bad winter season.

Although, the government of the United Kingdom has rejected the call and said that, there will be no change to the government’s existing corona virus plan. A spokesperson of the UK government said that, thanks to a combination of the corona virus vaccination and treatment and also their better understanding of the corona virus because of which they are now able to manage it as they are doing with the other respiratory infections.

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The NHS Confederation has called for the mitigations of the actions for helping the NHS, which is dealing with 20,000 corona virus patients, along high rate of staff shortage, full hospitals and serious demands on the emergency care.