NHS Launched Campaign to Tackle Heart Attack in UK


The NHS England is going to be launching a new campaign for the purpose of encouraging the people for dialling 999 when they are going to be having early signs of a heart attack, and this campaign has been backed by the celebrities that has been including the actor of the movie One Foot in the Grave Richard Wilson.

This campaign is going to be tackling a number of the common myths of the heart attacks and after the research has also identified that three in the four people have also been thinking that, a heart attack had been the same as a cardiac arrest.

The new polling has also showed that, the lesser than half of the people said that, they are going to dial 999 if they or anyone they know have experienced lesser known symptoms of the heart attacks.

A new NHS advertisement is going to be showing a person, who has been experiencing some of the most common and early symptoms of a heart attack such as uneasiness, sweating, tightness in the chest and will also be reminding the viewers to dial 999 if they had experience the symptoms of a heart attack.

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Professor Stephan Powis, medical director of NHS said that, the cardiovascular disease has been causing a quarter of all the deaths across the United Kingdom and they have also identified this as being the single and largest areas where they can possibly save the lives of the people over the upcoming decade.