Next Earth Launched A Charity Campaign With SEE Turtles


Next Earth has announced a partnership with the SEE Turtles, which is a non-profit organization working for the purpose of protecting the endangered sea turtles through the education, funding, conservation tours and more and the campaign is also going to have a duration of 14 days till 2nd June 2022.

As a part of the charity campaign known as Clean-the-ocean, which is a game that is being launched in the metaverse of Next Earth and the users can possibly contribute for a good cause in the real world by purchasing a land in the certain areas of the metaverse and cleaning it up. By purchasing the land, they are now having a chance for winning 200,000 dollars worth of the NXTT and also 5 unique NFTs.

20 percent of all the proceedings has been made within the campaign is going to SEE Turtles for the purpose of supporting their plastic waste collection projects that is going to be taking a place on the same locations but this time in the real world.

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Noemi Magyar, head of corporate social responsibility at Next Earth said, with the help of this campaign, Next earth is going to be building a bridge between the virtual and in the real world, where the bridge has been the social responsibility and to this complete experience, they are also adding an extra with a feature of gamification even though their community members have been physically very far from the location where SEE Turtle is going to carry out their plastic projects.