New York Giants Failed to Beat Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving


The Dallas Cowboys defeated the New York Giants on Thanksgiving before ultimately reaching a rhythm and piling on. The Dallas Cowboys had a 28-20 win over the New York Giants that was not as close as a last-minute touchdown by the Giants.

The Dallas Cowboys have ridden a two-sack game from favourite player Micah Parsons, a two-headed rushing attack, and a perfect passing game from quarterback Dak Prescott in the second half of the game to win the second game in five days.

At 8-3 score, the Cowboys had a firm hold on second place in the division, taking the Giants out of in the series this season. The Dallas Cowboys turns the tables down when New York Giants Jaylon Smith stuffed Ezekiel Elliott short on the second and fourth attempts.

Prescott and receivers also appeared to miscommunicate twice on what became an interception, the first by New York Giants cornerback Rodarius Williams on a sideline pass that was intended for Michael Gallup soon after on the target of CeeDee Lamb.

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At halftime of the match, the Dallas Cowboys were quite lucky that they only trailed by 13-7, and touchdown courtesy of New York led to an impressive 44-yard grab by the receiver Darius Slayton.

After halftime, the Cowboys have taken control over the game, and they again took the lead with a 14 points play because of which the Cowboys won.