USA’s New York City Facing Economic Damages Even after Covid-19 Passes


As the economy of the United States of America is recovering from the novel corona virus pandemic and starts to take off, the New York City in the country has still been lagging because of the changing working patterns and travel, which is threatening the engines, which have been long powered the prosperity and jobs in the city,

The New York City has suffered major job losses as a share of the city’s work force than any of the other large cities in the country, as the country have been able to regain the two-thirds of the positions, which the country has lost during the corona virus pandemic, the city of New York has recouped lesser than half, which has been responsible in leaving New York deficit of over 500,000 jobs.

The bars and restaurants and bars in the city have now started filling up again, with the people, who are eager for a return to the normal life. The economic condition of the New York city has largely been relying on the office workers, along with the tourists, business travelers and the service businesses in the city, which were responsible for catering all of the people.

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Now all the focus of the New York City is on the month of September, when many companies in the city have been aiming to bring back their workers to the office and as the Broadway completely reopens, which is responsible in attracting a greater number of the visitors and the dollars they have, but even after all this reopening and efforts, the rebound of New York City is only going to be partial.