New Covid-19 Restrictions in Force in United Kingdom and Neighboring Countries


From Sunday, 26th December 2021, new and more tough corona virus restrictions have come into force in the countries including Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales in a bid for stopping the increasing corona virus cases across the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson, prime minister of the United Kingdom and his cabinet has been expected to review the data and also the advice from the experts for the purpose of deciding if the future corona virus restrictions need to be brought in force in the country. The United Kingdom has currently been under measures of Plan B, which is including mandatory face masks, working from home and also the corona virus vaccine certificates for entering into the big venues.

In Wales, the nightclubs in the country have been closed and a maximum of six people is going to be allowed for the purpose of meeting in the restaurants, pubs and cinemas and around 30 people are going to be allowed at the indoor events and at the outdoor events the limit has been 50 people in the country.

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In the region of Scotland, the social distancing of one metre is also going to be required at the big events and the attendance is going to be limited to 100 people in the indoor events and 200 for the indoor seated events, and for the outdoor events, the limit has been 500 people, and the nightclubs have also been forced to be closed for three weeks.