Netflix Acquires Visual Effects Company ‘Scanline’ of Germany


On Monday, 23rd November 2021, Netflix announced that, it had been acquiring the Scanline VFX, which is a German company that has been advancing the efforts in the virtual production. The company ‘Scanline’ has also worked with several of the streaming service on the Cowboy Bebop, along with the third season of the Stranger Things, and also the upcoming projects like, The Adam Project, and The Gray Man.

The terms of the deal had not been revealed, but the company ‘Scanline’ is also going to be continuing to operating independently and it is also going to still work on the projects outside of the Netflix. Previously the company has also dome work on the TV shows like the Game of Thrones and several other movies like Godzilla and Kong, and the deal has also been expected to be closed in the first quarter of the year 2022.

Amy Reinhard, vice president of studio operations at Netflix said, Netflix is going to be investing in the pipeline, work force and infrastructure of Scanline and Netflix also going to continue to provide support to the pioneering the work, which the Eyeline Studios of Scanline has been doing in the virtual production for the purpose of pushing the boundaries of what has been visibly possible.

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Netflix has now become more acquisitive in the recent months, and the company has also announced that, it is going to spend more than 700 million dollars for the purpose of purchasing the Roald Dahl Story Company.