NASA’s Webb Space Telescope Delivers Amazing Pictures


Amazing images of a cosmic dance and stellar nursery have been acquired by the new 10-billion-dollar space telescope of NASA. The two pictures, and other, had been presented to the world to mark the readiness of James Webb Observatory to start science operations.

The facility has spent the past six months since the launch undergoing testing. James Webb is expected to be a dominant force for discovery for at least the next 20 years. The new observatory is a joint project of the United States, along with Canadian, and European space agencies, with NASA in the lead.

Webb has specially tuned to see the sky in the infrared, at longer wavelengths can be sensed by their eyes. This will give it the ability to look deeper into the universe than its predecessor, and detect events occurring further back in time, more than, 13.5 billion years ago.

Astronomers will also use more advanced technologies to study the atmospheres of the planets in their Milky Way Galaxy in the hope that signs of life in the universe can be detected.

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Prof Gillian Wright, a British researcher, said the primary batch of images had just been a taster of what was to follow, and whenever you look at the sky in a new way, they will see things that they did not expect.