NASA Developing Augmented Reality Technology for Astronauts to Repair Tools


NASA has been developing an augmented reality (AR) application for the astronauts for the purpose of enabling them to maintain and inspect the equipment on the International Space Station (ISS) without needing any assistance from the ground control, and with this, the agency has been hoping that, it is going to be decreasing the impact of the delays in the communication between the NASA mission control and the ISS crew.

While the delay in the communication delay has mostly been unnoticeable, the NASA said that, this project is going to increase the autonomy of the astronauts in making some informed and quick decisions, and this project is also primarily going to benefit the space agency in exploring the missions for moon and also on mars.

NASA said, the T2 Augmented Reality (T2AR) project is also going to be helpful in displaying the instructions in the goggles of the astronauts along with the directing their gaze with the 3-dmiension cues, which has been showing them actual work sites, and it can also follow the verbal instructions for the purpose of navigating the procedures, and this has also been helpful in easing the process of maintenance and inspection.

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Bryan Dansberry, ISS associate scientist as Johnson Space Centre said, the tools of augmented reality technology have been holding the promise of allowing them to pre-package the guidance and expertise and he also said that, the space station has been the perfect platform for testing the systems of augmented reality along with reefing the tools.