Mysterious Pneumonia infects Nine and Kills Three People in Argentina


The health officials of Argentina announced that three people have died and five more are in hospital after getting infected by a mysterious pneumonia. According to the health ministry in Tucuman, a small region in the northwest of Argentina, nine people in the unit of same private clinic have been infected by the mysterious pneumonia.

The health authorities are concerned about this deadly outbreak due to the usual suspects, which include influenza, COVID-19, and Hantavirus. Most of the affected people are healthcare workers, which suggests an infectious agent might be involved.

Luis Medina Ruiz, health minister of Tucuman, said that what the affected patients have in common is the serious respiratory condition with bilateral pneumonia and compromise in the x-ray images that are very similar to Covid-19.

He also said that the six patients had a series of tests for colds, COVID-19, influenza of both types, including A+ and B+, Hantavirus, and other 25 germs, but no virus has been identified yet.

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The samples have been sent to the Malbran Institute in Buenos Aires for further analysis and testing. The contacts of the first patients are under tracking, and the healthcare centre has also been isolated.