More Number of Omicron Covid-19 Cases detected in the United States


Mary Bassett, Health Commissioner of the United States said, the new omicron corona virus variant is here and as expected they are now seeing the beginning of the community spread of the virus. On 4th December 2021, New York has announced three more cases of the new Omicron corona virus variant, which has been responsible for bringing the total cases in the state to eight.

The number of the states in the country finding the corona virus variant has been growing as well, and with the government authorities in the states of Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland had also been reporting their first confirmed cases of the Omicron novel corona virus variant.

The Omicron covid-19 variant has also been detected in the regions of Nebraska, Hawaii, Minnesota, California, Utah and Colorado, and in New York, seven of the Omicron variant cases had been detected in New York City and the other in the region of Suffolk County.

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The arrival of the new corona virus variant has comes as the hospitals across the state have been continuing to strain under an increase in the corona virus cases, that have been mostly traced by the Delta covid-19 variant, along with the shortages of the healthcare staff.

Kathy Hochul, governor of the state has given the authorization to the Health Department for the purpose of limiting all the non-urgent and non-essential procedures at the hospitals that are close to running out of beds and the governor has also deployed teams of National Guard for relieving the healthcare workers at the healthcare facilities.