Monkeypox Outbreak Study Shows Differing Symptoms


A new study found that the clinical profile in recent monkeypox cases has been different than in the previous events, along with fatigue and fever and more likely genital skin lesions. This is the first study to look at the differences among monkeypox cases in the current outbreak, and is pointing to the important roles of sexual transmission mostly among gay and bisexual men, and many of the men had never seen a monkeypox case before.

According to the study, around all patients presented with rashes and lesions on their genitals and anal regions. Only five patients have required hospitalization, and no one has died. One-quarter of the patients were also diagnosed with other sexually transmitted infection at the same time as monkeypox disease.

The authors of the study also suggested that the primary symptoms of genital rashes should be added to the case definitions of the monkeypox disease to more accurately identify the symptomatic individuals. There are more over 5,700 monkeypox disease cases in the non-endemic countries, and mostly in North America and Europe.

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47 of 52 men who answered questions said they had at least one new sexual partners in three week prior to symptoms, and 29 of 52 had over 5 new partners in 12 weeks prior to diagnosis.

Monkeypox cases in the United States are continuing to grow, and Connecticut reporting the first cases of the monkeypox virus, and according to the US CDC, the United States is having 460 cases in 32 states of the country.