Molecular Data Inc. to Form Joint Venture for Building Supercomputing Clusters in North America


Molecular Data Inc., which is a leading platform in the chemical industry of China driven by technology has announced that, the company has entered into an agreement for the purpose of forming a joint venture for building the supercomputing clusters in the region of North America.

This new joint venture (JV) has been planning to construct two plants or facilities in the United States along with starting the operations on one plant in the upcoming two months in the initial phase, and the company is also expecting to add 13 megawatts in the initial phases of the joint venture. This new line of business is also estimated to generate around 5 million dollars in the revenue and a gross profit of 4 million dollars.

The company has also made a strategic decision for the purpose of developing the blockchian technologies for the purpose of adding on to the company’s chemical platform infrastructure because of the increasing needs for the digital factories along with the smart manufacturing.

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This has been a critical migration from the Industrial Internet to the Industrial Metaverse, and this Industrial Metaverse can possibly solve the problems of the companies along with aiding the digital transformation of the companies.

Dr. Dongliang Chang, board of director’s chairman of Molecular Data Inc., said, based on the technical characteristics of the company, the blockchain elements have been the building blocks for the application scenarios of the Industrial Metaverse, and therefore, they are going to continue with the development of the capabilities of the blockchain for further enhancing their competitiveness in chemical industries.