Moderna to Develop Single-Dose Booster Vaccine Jab for both Flu and Covid-19


Moderna, a drug manufacturing company of the United States announced, the development of a single-dose novel corona virus vaccine candidate, which has been a combination of a novel corona virus booster and also a seasonal flu shot.

Stephane Bancel, CEO of Moderna said, they believe that, their mRNA platform can be able to solve the greatest health challenges in the world, starting from the disease impacting the millions of people, to some of the rare diseases that are affecting the dozens of people, along with the personalized medicines down to the individual level.

She said, they have announced the first step in their novel respiratory vaccine programme with the development of a single dose vaccine, which is a combination of a booster against the novel corona virus and also against the seasonal flu.

The vaccine is known as mRNA-1073, and the vaccine is encoding for the spike protein of corona virus and the hemagglutinin glycoproteins flu. The company has been developing the novel corona virus vaccines against several viral diseases including the vaccines against persistent infections, acute respiratory infections and also the threats to the public health across the globe.

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Stephane Bacel also said, they are also making progress continuously on enrolling the patients in their rare disease programme, and they have now been completely enrolled in their personalized cancer vaccine trial, and they also believe that, this is just the beginning of a new age of the medicines based on the information.