Moderna Says, its Covid-19 Vaccine is Effective and Safe for 6 to 11 years old Kids


On Monday, 25th October 2021, Moderna said a dose of the company’s novel corona virus vaccines has been effective and safe and it is appearing to be working in the kids between the age group of 6 to 11 years as the company joins its competitor Pfizer in moving towards the expansion of the shots for the children.

The kid-size corona virus vaccine doses of Pfizer have been closer to the widespread use across the country, and they are also undergoing the evaluation by the US FDA for the young children in around the same age group of 5 to 11 years, and it can possibly be available by early November, and the novel corona virus vaccine of the company has also been authorized for anyone, who are more than 12 years of age.

The company ‘Moderna’ has not got the authorization for the purpose of using its covid-19 vaccine in the children yet but it has been studying the lower doses in the younger children as the company waits for the approval.

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Moderna said, the researchers of the company has tested two covid-19 vaccine shots for the 6 to 11 years old kids, which had been given a moth apart, in which each contained half of the dose that is given to the adults, and the preliminary results have also been showing the vaccinated children has developed the antibodies that have been similar to the levels that, the young adults produce after the complete shots.