Moderna Hails mRNA Manufacturing for HIV, Herpes and Many More


The company ‘Moderna’ said that, the flexibility and footprint of the mRNA production can possibly overcome the increasing issues seen with the current latent virus vaccines such as the Shingrix of GSK.

Moderna has now entered the Big Pharma space in the year 2021 when the company’s novel corona virus vaccine known as Spikevax has become the second messenger RNA (mRNA) product for the purpose of achieving the commercial success, and in 2021, around 807 million doses of the novel corona virus vaccine had been sold and bringing 17.7 villion dollars for Moderna.

In 2020, the company ‘Moderna’ has reported total sales in 2020 of 803 million dollars and 60 million dollars in the year 2019. Going ahead, the respiratory diseases still remain the top priority, as said by the company said that, during the company’s annual vaccines day but the company is also turning its attention to the vaccines of the latent virus.

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The latent diseases are those diseases that are caused by the viruses, which are having the ability for both inducing a primary infection and then also remain dormant in the cells without causing the death of the cells for months or years.

Jacqueline Miller, senior vice president of Infectious Disease Development of Moderna said they believe that, the platform of mRNA has been uniquely positioned for the purpose of developing the corona virus vaccines against these viruses.

She also said that, there has been an ability of these vaccines for inducing both the T cells and B cells and also the memory B cells and T cells, which means that, they can possibly induce a robust immune response upon the vaccination.