Mitsui USA, PurThread Partner to Offer PurThread’s Technology in Asia


Mitsui & Co., Inc. (Mitsui USA) and PurThread Technologies, Inc. have announced an expanded partnership to bring patented permanent antimicrobial yarns of PurThread combined with recycled polymers to the production and distribution of soft goods and textiles in Asia.

As the current pandemic evolves to be more endemic, businesses and consumers alike are seeking solutions to decrease exposure to pathogens that can cause odour and several other problems, while keeping sustainability at the forefront of the efforts.

Developed with product designers and manufacturers in mind, the innovative fibers and yarns of PurThread embed a patented combination of copper salts and natural silver to enhance its partner products with antimicrobial capability, freshness, and durability without handling any special requirements.

Adding this technology to a recycled polymer stream mainly creates a unique combination that reflects the strong commitment of Mitsui USA to the development and market introduction of technologies in functional textiles.

Lisa T. Grimes, president and CEO of PurThread, said they are very happy to expand antimicrobial yarn offering of PurThread, with recycled polymers in Asia.

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Ikuya Hagiri, general manager of the fashion and textile department of Mitsui USA, said they are pleased to expand their collaboration by offering the advanced antimicrobial technology of PurThread in a recycled yarn alongside the extensive network of Mitsui in the functional textile industry.