Miracle Took Place In Thailand, 12 Boys Relived Their Lives


Chiang Rai, Thailand: After 10 complete days of struggle, surviving only on dripping water, 12 Thai boys along with their soccer coach were rescued from a flooded Thai cave complex, on July 2. An extremely proficient team of cave divers and Thai Navy SEALs managed to rescue the boys safely. ‘The Wild Boars team’ made way to their hometown by the salutation ‘wai’, their traditional way to greet.

Huge Sigh of Relief for the Families

Families, friends, and relatives, some of them being dressed in traditional yellow Thai attire, welcomed them with the banner ‘Bringing the Wild Boars home’, inscribed with the design of a soccer pitch including goalposts and net.

Narrating the incidence, 14 year Adul Sam, one of the boys from the squad, told Reuters (Thai News Channel) about how the two British divers made their way for releasing the trapped team.  “It was magical”, “Everybody was happy, and it was the most hopeful moment in 10 days” he added.

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“I told everyone fight on, don’t despair,” said one boy from the group of 11 to 16 years old boys along with 25-year-old coach Ekkanpol Chantawong, whose efforts for taking care of the boys were meticulously admired by the parents and everyone.

Got Trapped Due To Flood Water

Thinking to explore the Tham Luang caves, after the soccer practice, this team of boys got stuck because of the rainwater swamped inside the caves. They strived for making their way out by digging walls of the cave through stones. “We didn’t want to wait around until authorities found us,” said Ekkapol.

One of the boys added “We used stones to dig in the cave. We dug 3 to 4 meters.” Which means they dug 10-13 feet deep.

Survived Only On Water

Having food that lasted only for an hour, the starving boys managed to survive only on water. Tee, one of the boys from the team, said: “On the first day we were OK, but after two days we started feeling tired.”

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Youngest amongst all, Titan said “I had no strength. I tried not to think about food so I didn’t get more hungry”

Finally Back To Home

After reaching home, they apologized for being naughty confessing about they must have told their parents about the plan of visiting the cave after the soccer practice.

They underwent a complete thorough health check-up and were advised to get back to their normal lives. “We want the boys to have regular lives and go back to school and…to have time with families and activities they like,” said Patchaneewan Inta, one of the chief psychologist.

First, by diving a little and then carried by plastic toboggans, the boys were safely rescued by the diving team, who gained hundreds of praises from everyone.

Media and other spectators waited behind the barricades after the ‘Wild Boars’ arrival from the hospital where they have stayed after the rescue.