Minna Technologies Expands in UK with New Hub in London


Minna Technologies, a subscription management software company working with the mission for the purpose of helping the retail banks to deliver the powerful digital experiences to the customers, and in the latest development, the company has announced that it is going to be launching a hub in London.

This announcement from the company has been following the latest partnership of the Minna Technologies with Bud, a fintech based in London, and in the beginning of 2021, the company has also raised around 14 million pounds in a Serie B funding that has been led by Visa and Element Ventures based in the United Kingdom.

Apart from launching the hub, the company has also announced strategic relocations and recruitments along with the appointment of Mike Davies, who has worked in senior roles at PayPal, VeriSign, Visa, and GoCardless as the chief commercial officer and the company has also transferred Navpreet Randhawa, CFO of Minna Technologies from Sweden to London.

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Joakim Sjoblom, CEO of Minna Technologies said, United Kingdom has been strong launchpad not just into the markets of Europe, bit the country also acts as a bridge to their main expansion markets of the countries including Australia and the United States. He also said, they have also been recognizing the value of the investment community, and the company is still remained unparalleled, the digital ecosystem of the company still remains strong, and the institutional financial knowledge has also remained exceptional.