Microsoft Testing Android 12.1 and Other Improvements For Windows 11


On Friday, 20th May 2022, Microsoft announced an update that is upgrading the version of the Android running on the computers of the people and is also helping them in making the apps feeling more at home that has been running on a PC. The Windows Subsystem for Android update has currently been only available for testing for the Windows Insiders but that has probably been a good thing for the reasons they will be touching on in just a moment.

The improvement has been an update to the version of Android that is underpinning the ability of Windows for running the mobile apps and the current public release has been seeming to use Android 11, but the version that Microsoft is testing has been running on Android 12.1, which is also known as 12L.

This new update has been bringing the improvements for how the Android apps integrating with Windows and the Pop-up messages from the apps might also show up as the Windows notifications now and the task bar is going to be able for showing if an Android app has been accessing their microphone or the location.

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The company also says that, Android apps should possibly behave better after the people wake their computer up from the standby mode and instead of restarting, they should also just resume from where they have left off. The company also said, it has completely redesigned the settings app that the users can use to manage the Windows Subsystem for Android.