Microsoft Launched Free One-On-One Service For Small businesses In UK


Microsoft has launched a new and free one-on-one service that will be helping the small business or companies to understand their technology needs and also best options for their devices and software. This Business Consultation service has been run by the product experts at the Experience Centre of Microsoft based in London, UK.

The small organizations in the United Kingdom can possibly visit the webpage of Business Consultation and is also booking a one-one-on appointment for the purpose of connecting online along with a product expert through the chat, audio call and video, who is going to be listening to their needs, along with providing the personalized solutions and answering the questions.

After identifying the right business solutions, and Microsoft is going to be helping the organisation through every step of the deployment process and setup. Boston Consulting Group and Microsoft has conducted a research and has also found that, the businesses with one to around 25 employees that is needed for helping with reaching the new audiences and has been taking their business online, along with some basic IT needs.

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The study has also revealed that around 40 percent of the business with one to the cite challenges of 25 employees in the selection of the digital solutions and 73 percent are also preferring the human assistance when choosing the products and also supporting the post-purchase value.

This Business Consultation service has also been addressing all these issues along with providing the helpful experts which can possibly offer the tailored solutions for solving the real business problems.