Microsoft Finally Retires Internet Explorer


The tech company ‘Microsoft’ has finally retired the consumer version of the Internet Explorer on 15th June 2022. The company has announced the plan in 2021 by making the Internet Explorer 11 the final version.

The Internet Explorer has debuted on the Windows desktop computers in the year 1995 and by the year 2004, it had cornered around 95 percent of the world market. But now, Safari of Apple, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have been the dominant browsers. The users that are wanting to stick with Microsoft are now being directed to the Microsoft Edge, which was launched in 2015 along with the Windows 10.

The popularity of the Internet explorer had been dented by the launch of the faster browsers like the Chrome and Firefox as the users have been seized on the new applications for the purpose of navigating the platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Google Search.

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The continuous rise of the smartphones has delivered the fatal blow along with the pre-installed Safari browsers and Google Chrome on the Android phones that are helping to shift the internet access and usage into the realm of the mobile.

The internet usage on the tablets and mobile has overtaken the desktop across the world for the first time in the month of October 2016 and according to StatCounter, Google Chrome has been accounting for over 60 percent of the internet usage on desktop across the world along with the combined share of the Internet Explorer and Edge on the desktop market that is narrowly decreasing behind that of Firefox for the very first time.