Microsoft Becomes Second US Company to Join $2 Trillion Club


The tech giant Microsoft has been successful in taking its place in the history books as the second public company in the United States for reaching to a market value of $2 trillion, that has been buoyed by the dominance of the company Microsoft in the cloud computing technology and also the enterprise software, that is going to be expanding further in a post novel corona virus world.

The shares of the company Microsoft have been increased as much as 1.2 percent in New York on Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, which was enough for the software company ‘Microsoft’ for joining the company ‘Apple’, which has been one of the only two companies that are trading at a value of a trillion before the closing pennies of the mark at 265.51 dollars.

Since taking the charge in the year 2014, Satya Nadella, chief executive officer (CEO) of Microsoft, has been able to reshape Redmond, a company based in Washington into the largest seller of the cloud-computing software, that has been counting on both the company’s office application cloud units and infrastructure.

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The company Microsoft has also been the only one from some of the biggest technology companies in the United States, that has been able to evade the recent wave of scrutiny from the continuously increasing active antitrust regulators of United Kingdom, which was responsible for giving the company a free hand in both, the expansion of the product of the company and acquisitions of the company.

According to a statement given by the Spanish company Telefonica, Microsoft is now going to open a new data-center region in Spain, with the help of the expansion of the strategic partnership with Telefonica.