Microsoft Acquired Process Mining Company ‘Minit’


Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Minit, a process mining technology company that is enabling the businesses for uncovering the opportunities for the continuous process along with better operational efficiency.

The companies across the globe have been seeking for being more operationally resilient and also accelerating their plans of digital transformation. The seamless operations and making sure that every component of each business process is running smoothly or not has been critical, but most of the leading company are not able to understand the actual performance of the processes and they end up making the decisions based on the subjective information.

This acquisition is further going to be empowering the company ‘Microsoft’ for helping their customers to digitally transform and also driving the operational excellence by creating a complete picture of the business processes along with enabling every process for being analysed and improved easily and automatically.

With the help of this acquisition, the customers are going to be able for better understanding their process data, along with revealing what the operations are looking like in the drive and reality process standardization and also improvement across the whole organization for ensuring the compliance at every step.

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This acquisition has been further signalling the commitment of Microsoft for helping the organizations for quickly optimizing and discovering their business processes by bringing together the execution and data for the purpose of unlocking the powerful insights in the industry.